The Ignatian Way: an insight view

Walking the same way as iñigo

  • Where

    From Loiola to Manresa (the Basque Country, La Rioja, Navarra, Aragón, Catalonia)

  • Duration

    From 8 days on

  • Prices

    From €510 p.p.

From Loiola (the Basque Country) to Manresa (Catalonia)

The Ignatian Way recreates not only the route but also the spirit that lead Saint Ignatius from Loiola to Manresa as the first stage of his long travel to the Holy Land in 1522. It is a long route, more than 600 kilometres, apparently not very different from the St. James’s Way, but only apparently, since the route offers special features that make it unique:

- Very few pilgrims on the way. We will walk as the pioneers of this route.

- Whether it is your faith that pushes you or not, this trail has a spiritual insight to it, the isolation of the trail offers you plenty of time to think and find yourself.

- The figure of Saint Ignatius, Iñigo as he was known as a young man, is closer to us in time than that of Santiago. We can feel his presence all along the way.

- No crowds or stressing moments when it is time for dinner and a good night rest. On the other hand, that means we cannot very demanding with the infrastructures. We have to make the best of what it is on offer.

- The trail is signposted and marked with beacons but you will need to be alert to follow the right path. This means that we can always find a bit of adventure on the way.

Slow-walking team has covered the Ignatian Way a lot of times. We have visited and checked all the different accommodations, restaurants, villages and towns it crosses. We have talked to the people that will welcome us and with the tourism authorities. We have interviewed as well the creators of the Way.

How can you participate in this pilgrimage with Slow Walking?

We offer you three different possibilities: tailor-made, self-guided or guided.

The tailor-made Way is aimed at already formed groups of 6 or more people. We arrange the pilgrimage according to the dates and number of walking hours that best suits the group. We arrange accommodation, luggage transport, transfers, meals, guided visits… You would walk just the distance you feel comfortable with, and everything would be adapted to the needs of the group.

The self-guided Way is ideal for independent or individual pilgrims on a low budget but who just want to worry about walking and not planning. The self-guided way includes accommodation, breakfast and, almost every day, dinner. It also includes literature in which you will find the description of the different stages and all the information needed along with a collection of maps and the pilgrims’ credential. The walker will also have a telephone or Whatsapp assistance from eight in the morning till ten o’clock at night. We also offer the possibility of booking guided visits, lunches, travel assistance or hiring GPS.

The Guided Way, in which you will be accompanied by one Slow Walking guide, making sure you follow the path and assisting you during the stage. It includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner, luggage transport (we walk with no weight) as well as guided visits according to the program. It is important to remark that all the stages have a short version, between 10 to 15 km per day, or long version, the complete stage.

When can I walk the Way?

If you choose the tailor-made or self-guided option, you can walk it at any time. We recommend avoiding the months from December to April in the Basque Country since the snow could make things rather difficult in some stages.

If you choose the guided option, we have already arranged different dates for the Basque Way: from 15th to 22nd June and from 13th to 20th July  2019. You only have to join this group.

About our services

The Ignatian Way is unique regarding the services we can find on the Way. There are stages in which the offer of accommodation is scarce. Whenever it is possible, we will stay in two to four star hotels. Simple, clean and comfortable accommodation run by qualified local staff.

Gastronomy and food are always important. We offer delicious meals in the right amount to be able to go on walking. We eat local food, produced and cooked locally and the guide will explain our gastronomic traditions and elements of our gastronomy..

Guides are a very important element of the pilgrimage. They give advice on the route, check the weather forecast, carry the suitcases, and arrange the accommodation, meals and timetables. Moreover, the guide knows the Way and the area perfectly and will solve any possible problem but, above all, the guide will take care of tired pilgrims.

We are really proud to say that 100% of our customers will recommend Slow Walking to their friends.

What should you take with you when walking?

  • A small backpack.
  • A light folding umbrella.
  • A baseball type cap.
  • A pair of shorts and a pair of long trousers, one to be worn and the other one in the backpack.
  • Sunglasses, even in the winter.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Canteen.
  • Light polar jacket.
  • Anorak or rain coat.
  • Band-aids for blisters.
  • Telescopic walking sticks (highly recommended).
  • Mobile Phone.
  • Personal documentation.

And in the suitcase that will wait for you in your room every afternoon....

  • Spare underwear.
  • Special walking socks, at least three pairs.
  • 2 shorts (you’ll wear one, the other one will go in the small backpack).
  • 2 pairs of long trousers (you’ll wear one, the other will go in the small backpack).
  • Sunscreen, even in the winter.
  • Items of personal hygiene.
  • Casual clothes to be at home or in the hotel.
  • Comfortable footwear, for the hotel or to go on a town visit or dinner in the evening.
  • Pyjama or sleep wear.
  • Swimming suit and towel.

What else?

  • Wear a pair of good walking boots. If you are inexperienced, ask for advice at a specialist retailer. Make sure you “break in” new walking boots before you start the Way. Use them as much as you can before starting your route. Make them yours. Get used to them.
  • Do not take with you unnecessary things “just in case”, you will be able to buy whatever you need along the way if you need something you have forgotten.
  • At the end of the fall, winter and early spring you will need to take with you enough warm clothes (woollen hat, thermal underwear, gloves..).



The Ignatian Way is not overcrowded and this means that the accommodation offer is sometimes limited and even non-existent. We will mostly stay in comfortable hotels with a strong local character. Sometimes we will stay in hostels or rural houses. In some of the stages we will find our accommodation some kilometres away from our path.

Concerning the restaurants, the situation is very similar. If there is a wide-enough offer we have analysed which are the ones that best fit our philosophy so we can enjoy local and seasonal products.


from Loiola to Laguardia/Logroño, 8 days (7 nights)

- Self-guided: from 545€/person  (single accommodation supplement 190€).

- Guided: 845€/person, for a group size minimum of 6 people (single accommodation suppl. 175€)

Departures from 15th to 22nd Juny and from 13th to 20nd July 2019



from Loiola to Manresa and Barcelona, 30 days (29 nights)

-Self-guided: from 1.690€/person (single accommodation supplement 645€)

-Guided: only for consolidated groups. 18 Pax: 2.650 € /pp



from Loiola to Manresa, 15 days (14 nights)

Self-guided: from 950€/pp (single accommodation suppl. 345€)

-Guided: only for consolidated groups. 18 pax: 1.595€/pp



The self-guided option includes:  accommodation usually half-board in quality hotels, rural houses or pilgrim hostels. Documentation, credential and telephone assistance.

The guided option includes: half board (almost every day), documentation, credential, accompanying tour guide, guided visits, luggage transport and stage transfers. Accommodation in hotels, rural houses or quality pilgrim hostels.

Not included: Travel Assistance Insurance, anything not mentioned above as included.