The adventure of traveling to Turkmenistan


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    11 DAYS

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    € 2.950

Turkmenistan is a diamond in the rough in central Asia. A little known travel destination, which means a great opportunity for travelers. The Karakum desert covers most of the country’s landscapes, that is why climate is really different to European conditions. Diving into the adventure of traveling to Turkmenistan is for sure an unforgettable experience. We follow a unique travel route with unique hiking trails.

Because of the extreme temperature changes between the day and the night, and the huge climate differences between seasons, the best time to visit the country is at the beginning of October or from April on.

Slow Walking offers an adventure in a group up to 11 people through Turkmenistan, with easy hiking routes and walks. Always accompanied by a local guide, a language guide and a tour leader, you will be able to discover this remote destination.

The proposal of Slow Walking covers approximately 1950km of Turkmenistan, finding out the central and western zone of the country, following a circular route starting and ending in Ashgabat. The trip combines transfers in 4×4 vehicles along with convinient hiking routes of 3 hours. Some of the nights of the trip will be in high quality hotels, while other nights will be in camping tents in natural environment. These camp nights give the journey enough flexibility to adapt and chose the optimal location each day.

Thanks to the Jeeps as a support, the group will be able to move across the country and desert to find out remote semi-nomadic villages, extremely contrasting life styles and Turkmen landscapes. Moreover, the group will visit ruins of towns and construction declared UNESCO Heritage Site, which give us a vision of 5,000 years of history.

Special mention must be done to the visit to the Turkmen capital, Ashgabat, a real oasis in a desert country. The city is full of and covered of marble and gold, as a sign of wealth. The contrast of the landscape stands out, because of the lack of geographic and social cohesion of the country.

In brief, the adventure trip to Turkmenistan blows its travelers away, speechless.


DAY 0. Arrival to the airport of Ashgabat, around midgnight. Transfer to the hotel.

DAY 1. City tour around Ashgabat, visiting most significant soports of the city; such as, the Independence Park, Ferris Wheel, Neutrality Arch… Also visit to the National Museum and the Stairs of Health.

DAY 2.  Visit to Russian bazaar and Turkmenbashi Mosque Mausoleum and Nissa (UNESCO). After lunch, drive to gas crater of Darwaza and first night in tents.

DAY 3. Transfer and hiking route through the desert until reaching the sand dunes. Camp near Balishem.

DAY 4. Visiting semi-nomadic settlements until reaching the remains of the early Parthian Ygdykala. Drive to Koymat and hiking route in the cristal cliffs. Camp in the surroundings.

DAY 5. Route to the area of Yangikala and short hike, visiting the region of Kemal Ata. After break, reaching Gozli Ata, a locla pilgrim site. Overnight in the pilgrim house with local people.

DAY 6. Departure to Turkmenbashi and Caspian Sea. Shock of the modern world white marble. Enjoying beach hotel and a bit of relax.

DAY 7. Visit to Boyadad exctinct mud volcano and hiking to the top. Drive to Serdar, lunar lands and camp in the surroundings of lunar lands.

DAY 8. Short hike to medieval forstress. Carry on to Kowata cave, with its underground mineral lake. After lunch, 3h intensive hike across Chuli Gorge. Camp in the surroundings of Dushak Eretdag.

DAY 9. Hiking route to Leopard Gorge. After lunch, carry on to Ashgabat. City tour visiting some significant spots. Overnight in hotel.

DAY 10. Transfer to the airport.

Some considerations:

The camp overnights in the desert include basic services like lunches/dinners, breakfasts, and sanitary facilities. Bottled drinking water is also provided.

Each group will be accompanied by three professionals: activity guide, local language guide and tour leader. Moreover, the service includes Jeeps for transfers and support in routes, each vehicle has a driver. Briefly, you will always be accompanied and safe and sound.

The hiking routes are convenient and short, do not required any extreme physical preparation. Some days there will not be walking tours, but most of the days yes. However, travelers are free to do hiking in the surrounding of the camp sites in the free time.

What should you carry in tour bag?

Our recommendation is to carry in a mountain bag that you are able to carry on your back.

  • Mountain clothes for hiking and camping. (both long and short trousers)
  • More formal clothes for when we visit the capital city
  • Water clothes (swimsuit and towel)
  • Mountain boots, and sneakers and/or shoes.
  • Peaked cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream
  • Water canteen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Fleece jacket for the routes if cold.
  • Anorak for the rain.
  • Sticking plasters for feet
  • Trekking poles (highly recommended)
  • Cash money
  • Identification papers. In hard copy and digital.


In the capital city Ashgabat, the accomodation will be in a Hotel*** with breakfast included both nights and lunch included the last day. Bottled drinking water always at disposal in the hotel.

Midway the trip, we will stop in Turkmenbashi and the accomodation will be in Yelken Yatch Club, a luxurious five stars hotel.

The rest of the nigths will be in camp sites in the desert or in the middle of nowehere in the nature, selectin the best an most optimal location each day.

Trekkin tents include: double tent, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, pillows and tent light. Also sanitary facilities, a latrine tent for privacy including toilet paper, wet napkins, sanitary waste deposite bags, and water for personal hygiene. Lunches and dinners in camping are outdoors and prepared by the travel staff, including chairs and tables.


Grupo de 8 personas, incluyendo tour leader

What does the price include?

  • Accomodation as explained.
  • Meals as specified.
  • Transport and support in 4x4 Jeeps with driver.
  • Porter services
  • Staff: activity guide, language guide and tour leader.
  • Visa support
  • Bottled drinking water en route.

What does not the price include?

  • Flights from/to Ashgabat
  • Travel assistance ensurance and/or cancelation fees.
  • Turkmenistan 20 day visa.
  • Turkmenistan migration tax.
  • Photo/video fees at UNESCO historical parts.
  • Tips fro guides and drivers and personal souvernirs/items.