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About Us

Artisans of hiking

Slow Walking offers you to walk in a different and environmentally friendly way

Cómo lo vivimos

We want to avoid the need to use places, destinations and monuments in a hurry. Our objective is to gain a deep knowledge of the place we are visiting by reading the landscape, chatting to the people we find along the way, staying in local businesses, eating local products and sharing their gastronomic culture.
With this philosophy, the services we include in our routes have been chosen to provide an added value to the trip and the traveller. Moreover, all the suppliers have been carefully chosen and are fully committed to preserving our environment.

Our land

We are not a traditional travel agency, we do not have a shop, actually we have an office, our headquarters, from where we run the company and where we meet to create and think.

And it is during this time of thinking and creation when we reach a really large territor..

Mapa Slow Walking

Slow walking
Portuetxe, 37
20018 Donostia-San Sebastián
Basque Country (Spain)
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We really know what we are talking about

We are group of a few “artisans of hiking” that is how we like to be called

What can Slow Walking offer you?

We can offer you things that you will really enjoy …

  • Because we do what we like and we like what we do.
    So we work with passion.
  • We do what we like and we like what we do.
  • It’s not only about walking, we also want to meet, learn and gain knowledge about the land we walk along, its climate, vegetation, landscapes, people, culture, customs, gastronomy and local traditions.
  • We are fully aware that you invest your money and time on your holiday and we take it very seriously, so we work to go beyond your expectations.
  • We will take care of your luggage, catering, accommodation, visits and you will only have to concentrate on walking. That is our main goal.
  • In other words, we offer you quality and customised attention.

¿Por qué crear una empresa de viajes hoy día?

Our customer’s hiking experience

Customer satisfaction is our main concern as well as the best guarantee for Slow Walking to keep on working.

We want our customers to be travellers not just tourists

Our aim is to extend the experience of our holiday, in which we invest so much time, money and wishful thinking. We don’t want it to finish at the end of our walk. We want to exceed the expectations of the experience and create a vivid memory of the good moments lived during our walk. We want our clients to recall their experience when they look at the pictures of the trip once at home.


We believe in originality, good work and customer’s astonished approbation

Slow Walking


We have decades of experience in mountain, in hiking as a hobby and in tourism as a profession. Putting all these elements together has allowed us to create Slow Walking.